Packaging School Supplies

The Rotary Club of Saucon has been busy collecting and packaging school supplies for 175 needy students at the Saucon Valley High School.  We had some great sponsors help us: The Hellertown Library, businesses in Hellertown - McDonalds, Giant, BB&T, Staples in Bethlehem and private donors.  Our goal was to raise $700 to purchase the supplies.  We are still waiting on final donations to see if we reached our goal.  Much thanks to Ray and Donna Holton, Sean Fitzpatrick, Linda Mayger, Susan Mowrer-Benda, and Linda Young for packing up the supplies on Sunday.  There are 12 boxes of school supplies to be delivered to the high school on Tuesday.  Best wishes for a very productive year of learning and friendships.  


Weeding at The Hellertown Library

On a beautiful Saturday Morning, August 26th, Donna and Ray Holton, and Linda Young got out their rakes and shovels and began to weed around the landscaping at The Hellertown Library.  It didn't take too long, but we still suffered on Sunday with stiff backs!  The place looks much better and we felt good about our service and exercise for the day!  
We still have some work to be done.  There are 3 benches that need to be sanded and painted and 3 bathrooms that need painting.  We will be asking for some help with these projects.  We'd like to get them done as soon as possible so keep your calendars open!  We'll have to paint when the library is closed.  Thanks!