Kids Day at the Promenade - August 19th

Rotarian, Linda Mayger reads to the children surrounding her in the Plaza.
Children having fun making and decorating fish puppets.

Rotarian, Linda Young trying to assist the children in making fish puppets.
Rotarians Lauren and Devin Fuller planned and organized this event.  The crafts for the children were easy and fun to make.  Linda M had the opportunity to read for the children.  Linda M and Devin provided guests with information about the Rotary Club of Saucon.  Thanks to all who attended and helped to support this event!


Black River Farms Wine Tasting - Fun @ 5 - August 17th

Beautifully manicured vineyards and farmland.  Freshly picked Sunflowers decorated the tables in the wine tasting room.

This event was organized by Rotarian Gary DeFulvio.  He supplied a wonderful variety of snacks from Primo Hoagies, Wegmans, and other sources.  Nothing like cleaning your palate between wine tastings.


Black River Farms wines were very tasty.  Many of us left with a couple of bottles of this refreshing wine.  Check their website for hours of tastings.  It's a great location for small parties also!

There were about 25 people who attended this event.  These were the last ones standing - many got the opportunity to visit the barn where the wines are made.  Beautiful facility.  Obvious that the owners have much pride in their work here!