Program: Classification Talk - Lou Mammana
Lou works in the field of Wealth Management/Financial Planning.
The stock market was down 1000 points yesterday indicating much uncertainty and volatility.  It also can create some opportunities for investors.
Lou told us that he met his wife, Corrinne through a former member of our club, Amanda Fabrizio.  They met at a Birthday Party at Starter's Pub.  
Lou began college as a music major.  In fact, he will be having a debut in NYC on Sunday playing the drums in The Village.
Last December he joined the Toastmaster's Club.  He spoke about the key to success for people and organizations is to have the right people, process, and product.  In Toastmaster's the people are there to improve themselves and help to improve others.  The process used is prepared speeches and table topics which help people think on their feet.  Formal evaluations of presentations occur to assist each other.  Finally, the product is how well one presents.  Lou certainly demonstrated his progress through his enthusiasm and his confidence during his presentation.
Thanks, Lou.  Great job!