Hellertown Community Day
What a glorious day on Saturday!  Early birds, Brooke, Donna and Ray Holton, Ray Orth, Linda Young, Amanda Buss were there to set up our station(s).  Rod Long, a volunteer for the event supervised us and made sure all of our equipment and supplies were secure.  The ShelterBox erection was quite a challenge that was met with teamwork, luck and a bit of skill!  We had a great location to display the good work of ShelterBox. We were later joined by George Morrison, Linda M and Bob Bennett.  We provided coffee, water, ShelterBox, and lots of Rotary to all the participants of the event.  We had the shade of the tent donated by Ray.  He also donated 2 signs with our website which we were able to display.  Cards provided by George were distributed to eveyone who received a bottle of water.  These cards promoted our website and facebook page.  Business cards were exchanged and we had good conversations with a couple of prospective members.  A great time was had by all!  Thanks to the Clean-Up crew!!